Scientists from the University of Waterloo presented a new kind of artificial memory using AI. The revolutionary method of programming robots will be useful for people with dementia, as well as help everyone who is in constant search for lost things.

This is stated on SciTechDaily.

To bring the invention to life, scientists were helped by a mobile robot manipulator Fetch with a camera for perceiving the world around them. The algorithm for detecting objects developed by researchers helped developers program the robot to track and store in memory objects that fall into the camera lens. The robot is able to distinguish objects from one another and is able to record the time and date when certain objects come into its field of vision.

The researchers’ next step was to develop a graphical interface that allows users to select the objects they want. Therefore, by entering their names, you can search for these objects in a smartphone application or on a computer, and the robot will determine where and when it last observed each object.

The tests showed great accuracy of the system, the publication notes.

Recall, a smart robot named Phoenix was created by Canadian startup Sanctuary AI. He is 170 cm tall and weighs 70 kg and lifts weight up to 25 kg!