A new exercise bike from Xiaomi called Xiaomi Mijia Spinning Bike Not only will it get rid of excess calories, but also allow you to recharge gadgets. It has the function of generating electricity simply during sports.

The weight of the simulator is less than 40 kg, and the occupied area is 0.45 square meters. m. Such dimensions allow you to place it even in the smallest apartment. The simulator has no external power.

The device allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet using wireless charging technology up to 20 watts. To do this, the owner will have to pedal with a certain intensity. For those who are not yet ready for heavy loads, it is possible to charge gadgets using a USB-C cable.

In total, the simulator has 32 training modes. Also, the software for him provides special training modes that were concluded by professional trainers.

We will remind, earlier Acer presented an exercise bike that will allow you to do physical exercises while working at the computer.