Attorney Stsven Schwartz from Levidow, Levidow & Oberman got into serious trouble because of the use of the ChatGPT chatbot while performing his professional duties. It is reported by the New York Times.

Schwartz was a representative for a client named Roberto Mata, who suffered a knee injury due to a wheelchair. This happened during a flight by Avianca. The lawyer decided to use the ChatGPT chatbot to provide the judge with a list of similar precedents where the plaintiffs demanded compensation.

Artificial intelligence at his request provided several similar cases, such as Martinez v. Delta Airlines and Durden v. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Schwartz sent the documents to the court, but Avianca found that there were no such precedents, they were invented by a chatbot.

So far, Schwartz’s excuses that he did not know that the chatbot could produce false content have not been taken into account in court. Next month , they will discuss possible sanctions against the lawyer who entrusted his case to AI.

Recall that the University of Tokyo spread a message about the prohibition of students to submit for consideration scientific papers, in the writing of which a chatbot based on artificial intelligence ChatGPT participated.