In case of non-compliance with the new rules on combating disinformation, the European Union will ban the social network Twitter. This is stated in a statement by the Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications of France Jean-Noel Barrault, published on the website francetvinfoye.

Twitter will be banned in the European Union if it does not comply with our rules.

Jean-Noel Barrault.

Before that, EU Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton announced Twitter’s withdrawal from the European Union’s voluntary agreement to combat online disinformation.

It is known that from August 25, 2023, the law on digital services comes into force in the European Union. His demands include an obligation to remove illegal content and a ban on advertising aimed at minors. Platforms that fail to comply with these rules will be fined up to 6% of turnover.

Barro noted the important role of Twitter in public debate and noted that the spread of disinformation on social networks is a threat to democracy. He said he wanted “Twitter to comply with these European rules by August 25, otherwise it will no longer be desirable in Europe.” It can be blocked in case of repeated violation, the minister stressed.

Recall that against the background of a campaign with a subscription to Twitter Blue and the removal of blue checkmarks from users who did not pay for it, the mark “state funding” quietly disappeared from the accounts of Russian and some Chinese media. This is the mark on the social network that marked channels funded by the governments of Russia and China. Now it will be much easier for them to spread disinformation on social networks, because users will not know from which sources they receive.