American scientists from the University of California at San Diego have invented a nozzle on a smartphone with which you can measure blood pressure. A gadget nozzle called BPClip can be printed on a 3D printer.

This is stated on New Atlas.

The BPClip clip is installed on the smartphone so that its hole is above the camera lens. At the same time, its light guide closes the flash. To measure pressure, the user presses the tip of his finger against the hole of the clip. The spring inside the gadget provides resistance, allowing you to take press readings with different forces.

The snapshot of your finger looks like a red dot. Its size increases with increasing pressure. The brightness of the dot varies depending on the volume of blood entering the finger. The size and brightness of the red dot gadget determines the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the user.

BPClip tests, according to the developers, proved that the measurement accuracy corresponds to the measurement of pressure by a traditional tonometer. The price of the device is only 80 cents.

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