The futuristic round pavilion called “Heavenly Mountain” was built by the famous Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto. The place to relax and walk is located against the backdrop of coastal views of China’s Hainan province.

The wavy shape of the building with a white roof, located along the shore, resembles the silhouette of a hill or mountain. Its design fits perfectly into the landscape. The architect arranged the building so that it is directed to the west. This allows you to admire the sunset over the sea.

In covered areas of 800 square meters. m there are bookstores and cafes and there are seasonal exhibitions and other areas for recreation and entertainment.

Recall that in New York built skyscraper Steinway Tower, which is considered the “thinnest” in the world.The construction of the structure, reaching 435 meters in height, was carried out by SHoP Architects. There are 46 apartments on the 91st floor. Their design is handled by Studio Sofield.