All data of Super VPN users was freely available. The unpassword-protected 133GB database, which consists of more than 360 million customer records of the popular VPN service Super VPN, has been discovered online by cybersecurity researcher Jeremy Fowler.

This is stated in his blog on VPNMentor.

E-mail addresses and links to sites used by customers of the service were freely accessed. Lists of servers they connected to, their unique identifiers, secret keys, and models of devices used were also published.

Fowler expressed doubts about the transparency and security of the service, which is used by a large audience. In the App Store and Google Play Super VPN app stores alone, the service has more than 100 million. Downloads.

It doesn’t provide specific location information on the website, raising concerns about the transparency and security of this free VPN.

Jeremy Fowler.

Earlier we reported that the popularity of VPN resources has grown rapidly in Russia after February 24.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the US government has significantly increased funding for three VPN services, thanks to which Russians can bypass bans imposed by the Putin regime and gain access to Western media.