The world’s most popular RARBG torrent tracker will no longer work. The decision to close it from the end of May was made based on the results of a vote of the team. The closure announcement was published on the website’s homepage, according to TorrentFreak.

In a statement, RARBG cites several reasons contributing to the closure of the site. In particular, the last two years, which were the most difficult for the team, are recalled. Some of the employees have died due to complications following the coronavirus, others are still ill and unable to work. In addition, not the last role for the closure of the site was played by Russia’s war against Ukraine and rising energy costs for data centers in Europe. Interestingly, according to the site, yoga employees take part in the events in Ukraine on both sides of the front – both on the side of the Russian “special operation” and on the side of the Ukrainian liberation war with the occupiers.

Inflation makes our daily expenses unaffordable. We can no longer run this site without huge costs that we cannot cover out of pocket. After the vote, we decided not to support the site anymore.

From a statement by RARBG.

Founded in 2008, RARBG was the fourth most popular torrent tracker in the world. This is evidenced by data from the profile publication TorrentFreak for January 2023. This is one of the few cases where, despite attempts to block RARBG in 2008 due to copyright infringement and its removal from Google SERPs in 2017, the torrent tracker closes on its own.

Recall that from January 10, 2023, Microsoft finally stopped supporting the once popular operating systems Windows 7 and 8.