Apple continues its agreement to supply modern semiconductors from Qualcomm Inc. for another three years. Qualcomm is the world’s largest manufacturer of smartphone chips.

The new agreement with Apple will cover “smartphone launches in 2024, 2025 and 2026,” Qualcomm said. This is a sign that the company’s ambitious plans to develop chips in-house are taking Apple longer than expected.

The deal between the companies was supposed to expire this year, and it was expected that the iPhone 15, which is due to be unveiled on September 12, would be one of the last to use Qualcomm’s modem chip.

In return, Qualcomm will maintain its lucrative position in Apple’s supply chain. Apple is Qualcomm’s largest customer, accounting for nearly a quarter of revenue.

For Apple, the move suggests that building a modem component has proven to be more difficult than expected.

By 2020, Apple had declared the development of its own modem a “key strategic transition.”

As a reminder, inThis week, Apple will present its new products. They plan to present theiPhone 15 and Apple Watch, USB-C connector and interesting software updates.