The company says Daylist will offer a constantly updated list designed for “every version of you.”

Throughout the day, the playlist will be updated several times, adding new tracks and titles to reflect your day based on previous interactions with Spotify.

For example, if you listened to upbeat and cheerful music in the morning, you may receive an offer similar in theme.

The feature appears to be based on the understanding of music metadata that allowed Spotify to launch Niche Mixes earlier this year. With this feature, users could enter almost any activity, vibration, or aesthetic to get a custom playlist in response.

The graphics for Daylist will also change throughout the day, from a yellowish shade of sunshine on a blue background in the morning – to the colors of sunset in the evening, moonlight at night, and then to dark black in the late evening.

The new playlist additionally includes a built-in sharing feature designed for social media.

Daylist will launch initially for free and premium users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Later, the feature will expand to more users around the world.

As a reminder, earlier Spotify has released a new feature, thanks to which information about the musical composition and artist will be heard before listening. The function is implemented on the basis of artificial intelligence,