Apple’s iPhone 15 unveiled a new smart home feature that can help leave a smaller footprint on the planet.

The Apple Home app will have a new Grid Forecast tool with the iOS 17 update. It shows when your electrical grid has relatively clean or less clean energy sources.

This can help decide when to run the tumble dryer or charge an electric vehicle to benefit from “cleaner” energy when consumption is higher.

Grid Forecast is available in the Home app on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch devices running the iOS 17 update. They will be launched this fall.

Using cleaner energy — wind or solar power, or electricity produced with lower emissions — can reduce every home’s climate impact.

Apple says Grid Forecast uses data that combines information about the grid, emissions, and weather to show you in a simple graph when energy is cleaner. This can be a good start for home energy management.

We talked more about how renewable energy works here.