Rose Wang, who works on strategy and operations for Bluesky, shared a screenshot of the moment on social media X.

Bluesky only made access through a waitlist and invitations from users. This is done intentionally to maintain a comfortable platform community as it grows.

Instead, the Threads app, a competitor to Meta and X, has adopted the opposite strategy. On the day of the launch of this application, the number of registrations increased sharply, because Instagram users were actively attracted to it. Threads racked up 30 million signups in less than 24 hours. Within five days, it crossed the 100 million mark.

The Bluesky app has created its own subculture in its community. Internal memes and posts are disseminated there, which forms a non-mass internal communication system.

As a reminder, from now on, you can respond to posts in the comments on Instagram using GIFs.