Amazon has launched a new AI tool that creates product listings for sellers. This feature uses a large language model (LLM) trained on large amounts of data so that vendors can describe their products faster and easier.

Amazon says its tool only requires sellers to provide a brief description of the product in a few words or sentences. Next, it will generate complete content for review—the title, product description, and points that sellers can review before ordering.

The company says that many sellers have already tested the tool over the past few months, and reviews indicate that most of them are actively using AI-generated content.

“These new capabilities will help sellers create high-quality ads with less effort and provide customers with more comprehensive, consistent, and engaging product information that will enhance their shopping experience,” Amazon Vice President Mary Beth Westmoreland wrote.

“Our models learn to infer product information through the various sources of information, hidden knowledge, and logical reasoning they learn. For example, they may infer that a table is round if the specifications specify a diameter or infer the style of a shirt collar in its image,” writes Robert Tekiela, Amazon’s vice president of selection systems and catalogs.

The company notes that it is just beginning to implement AI and plans to create an entire system based on it to help sellers and customers.

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