Amazon-owned Ring is releasing a new Pet Tag accessory, which is designed to assist in the return of lost animals.

The accessory contains a QR code that can be scanned. After scanning, the program will notify the owner that someone has found the collar.

If you turn on the “Contact Me” feature on your pet’s profile, the person who found the animal will be able to establish two-way communication with you to facilitate its return.

The QR code will also show information about the pet’s health. This will help the person who found the animal to better understand its needs and hold more information than on a regular collar.

Pet Tag can replace standard accessories with owners’ private information (with phone number and name) and thus improve privacy. Also, the Pet Tag will not have a built-in GPS function.

Recall that the study showed that the MiRo-E robot animal can be as effective as a real dog, and in some aspects even a better alternative.