Microsoft is adding useful features to the Snipping Tool and the Photos app for copying text from screenshots and adding background blur to photos.

The test version of Snipping Tool now allows you to copy text in screenshots and share it in apps. This is similar to the copy text from images feature found on phones.

However, Microsoft has added automatic editing and the ability to hide emails and phone numbers from images. It will also be possible to edit the text on the screenshot before sending it.

Photo – Microsoft

Windows Photos now has the ability to blur backgrounds, find the location of photos, and find the content of those photos on OneDrive. In addition, Windows Photos will be able to support Samsung and Google animated photos.

The blur will automatically find the background in the photo, select the subject, and work. It will be possible to adjust the intensity, or change the areas.

Photo – Microsoft

Searching for content for photos will allow you to search, for example, for photos that contain a car or photos from a specific area.

According to media reports, users will have to wait a few more months to implement these features.

Recall thatMicrosoft appealed to the US federal government to create an agency that will regulate artificial intelligence.