The Unicode Consortium has approved Emoji 15.1, which means that new emojis will soon appear on gadgets.

There won’t be as many additions to the existing emoji as in previous releases. The novelties are a head that swings horizontally, a head that swings vertically, a phoenix, a lime, a brown mushroom, and a broken chain. There are also new emojis that denote different family sizes, and multiple versions of emojis that will look in different directions.

You can see the officially accepted emoji on the Unicode Consortium website.

However, sometimes it takes months for companies like Apple and Microsoft to build support for new emojis in their software, so the update still needs to wait a bit.

However, we remind you that Google has launched the Emoji Kitchen feature in Search, which allows you to combine existing emojis to create different combinations. For example: an angry pineapple or a panda in a cowboy hat. To start using the tool, you need to type “Emoji Kitchen” into Google search and click on the “Start cooking” prompt.