Along with the release of the iOS 17 update for the iPhone, Apple also released an update to the Apple TV operating system with the launch of tvOS 17. The most notable feature of the update is that the company will now allow FaceTime users with their Apple TV.

Later this year, the device will also support other web conferencing with new tvOS apps from Cisco Webex and Zoom.

FaceTime uses the Continuity Camera on your iPhone or iPad, which allows your mobile device to work as a webcam wirelessly. Developers can integrate the Continuity Camera API on Apple TV 4K to make their communication and entertainment apps work on the big screen.

For example, Apple uses Continuity Camera with Apple Music Sing on Apple TV, a karaoke-like party feature that lets you sing along to your favorite music.

In addition to this update, there are new control center features on the home screen. It now shows settings for AirPods, home cameras, system controls, and user profiles.

Users can also launch the Apple TV Remote on the iPhone to find the missing Siri Remote second-generation or later. As they approach the remote, the circle on the screen enlarges to help them locate the lost device.

Apple also says that it is now possible to separate the dialogue from the background noise and bring it to the foreground. In this way, you can better hear what the characters in the movie or video are saying, separating it from the sound effects and music.

While many tvOS updates are aimed at Apple TV 4K, both Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD users will receive enhanced Siri functionality, allowing them to ask more general questions and get answers about what’s happening on TV.

As a reminder, Android Auto updates allow you to make Zoom calls on the go. In addition, Google has developed digital keys to lock cars from the phone.