Apple has released a new version of the company’s operating system for iPhone, iOS 17. It is free to download. It’s available for iPhone X or later, as well as second- and third-generation iPhone SE.

The main change in iOS 17 is the new StandBy mode – when you’re not using your phone and put it on a wireless charger, your iPhone displays full-screen widgets for quick and convenient information.

This mode can also be used to view photos, or to display the weather forecast, reminder list, calendar events, current time. You can also use it to view photos.

Also, the phone screen can be set to an alarm screen – a great replacement for the old alarm clock on the bedside table.

Photo – Apple

iOS 17 also includes new interactive widgets, a better keyboard, AirPlay improvements, and a host of updates to built-in apps like Messages, Apple Maps, Contacts, a built-in password manager, FaceTime, and more.

Apple also releases major updates for watchOS, iPadOS , and

The iPadOS 17 update includes an updated lock screen with widget support, an updated Stage Manager, PDF autofill support, and the ability to use an external USB microphone and camera support.

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The company has redesigned the lock screen to customize settings such as different wallpapers, fonts, and widgets.

The new iPadOS will also feature interactive widgets that allow you to start timers, control music, turn smart devices on/off, and mark tasks as completed.

The updated watchOS 10 brings back widgets to the Apple Watch. You can now use the Digital Crown to cycle through your widgets and view access features such as timers, stopwatches, and podcasts.

The World Clock app aims to make it easier to instantly understand the time of day in different parts of the world by adding dynamic background colors for different time zones.

There is an option to connect to Bluetook bike sensors to help cyclists track more data. The Compass, Mindfulness, and Medications apps are also getting updates.

Another update concerns FaceTime. You can view FaceTime video messages on your watch and join group voice calls.

As a reminder, you can now also use FaceTime on Apple TV 4K. There is also a function to search for the remote control and raise the volume of character dialogues in the background of music.