Agility Robotics has announced that it is preparing to deploy its RoboFab, which can create more than 10,000 humanoid robots per year. This is the two-legged Digit robot from Agility Robotics, it is a leader in terms of advanced technology (it even has a face).

The factory will be built in Salem, Oregon on 70,000 square meters. Openings are planned for this year.

“The opening of our factory marks a pivotal moment in the history of robotics: the beginning of mass production of commercial humanoid robots,” said Agility Robotics co-founder and CEO Damion Shelton. ”

“We created Digit to address the complex challenges of today’s workforce, such as trauma, attrition, high turnover, and irreparable workforce gaps, with the ultimate vision of empowering people to be more human. When you create a new technology to make society a better place, the most important milestone is when you can mass-produce that technology at a scale where it can have a real, broad impact.”

As a reminder, Ascento has developed autonomous patrol robots – Ascento Guards. Thanks to the wheels, they can move around large industrial facilities. They also perform repetitive tasks (perimeter checks) and, in the event of a security threat, send warnings to security guards.