TikTok is releasing a toolkit that allows users to flag posts that have been generated or enhanced by artificial intelligence. The move comes after the social media giant added a number of video upload filters that made heavy use of artificial intelligence.

The filters will now have an AI label right in the name. The same labels can be attached to content that is entirely created or significantly edited by AI.

The company’s recent policy clearly states that any AI-generated content that contains “realistic images, audio, or video” must be flagged as such to help viewers prevent the potential spread of misleading content.

TikTok is also developing its own algorithm that will automatically tag AI-generated posts. There is no word yet on when these tools will be launched.

In addition, the platform has committed to adhering to the Partnership’s provisions on Responsible AI Practices for Synthetic Media, a list of recommendations to increase transparency involving AI.

Recall that TikTok announced its store on the platform, which contains many features for users, content creators, and businesses.