Meta has updated the design of the Facebook logo and post reactions. However, you should not expect a major rebranding – the design is exactly the same as the previous one. Only the shade of blue has changed in the logo, and the lowercase “f” has a few subtle changes.

“Our intention was to create an updated Facebook logo design that was more bold, electric, and timeless. Each of the new enhancements provides greater harmony throughout the design as a key element of the app’s identity. We did this by adding a more confident expression of Facebook’s basic blue, which is designed for greater visual accessibility in our app and provides a stronger contrast for the ‘f’ to stand out,” Meta explains the changes.

How the Facebook logo has changed

The word Facebook itself has also received an update.

“Using our custom Facebook Sans font, we redesigned the lettering and logo to create a consistent finish and improve overall legibility on Facebook,” Meta says.

Meta has also improved the look of reactions. It is said that thanks to the expanded color palette, they were able to create more space and emotions.

Meta says it is planning more changes to the look and feel of Facebook. And these updates are just “the first stage of the updated identity system” for the app.

Recall that the founder of Meta Mark Zuckerberg wants to use artificial intelligence to create Facebook ads. To do this, the company must integrate generative artificial intelligence like Midjourney into the social network. By creating unique illustrations, he will assist advertisers in promoting products.