The Petnow app can identify cats and dogs by scanning their faces. Petnow scans a pet with a camera from a mobile app for Android and iOS. The app creates a unique biometric profile of a pet using artificial intelligence. It already has a database of about 200,000 images of dog and cat faces.

Petnow claims to use an algorithm to automatically detect and hone specifically dogs and cats without encroaching on other living organisms in the lens.

In dogs, Petnow reads the “nose print”. According to the creators, a dog’s nose is as unique as a human fingerprint and doesn’t change over time, and it’s a surefire way to tell the difference between puppies. In cats, the application reads the “contour of the muzzle”. According to Petnow, it is characteristic of each animal due to the individual “grooming habits” of cats.

The founders of Petnow predict that the program can be used to register their pets without a visit to the veterinarian, as well as to search for missing people and create “pet identifiers” to check insurance status

“Pet identification technology is a staple product that people can use consistently, as opposed to products or services that only go viral for a short period of time. The market has a lot of potential because pets need to have IDs just like humans, and their data can be backed up to create the best platform for pets.” say the founders of the company.

The algorithms are “99% accurate,” the owners say.

However, it is clear that the threat of error in AI identification remains. At least because of the lack of popularity of the application among pet owners and the undeveloped base.

Recall that Ring, owned by Amazon, is releasing a new Pet Tag accessory, which is designed to help in the return of lost animals. The accessory contains a QR code that can be scanned. After scanning, the program will notify the owner that someone has found the collar.