Amazon has just announced the release of Explore With Alexa. It’s a condensed and kid-friendly version of a revamped chatbot that specializes in topics like animals and nature. He will even play games with children and tell interesting facts every day.

The technology is designed with protection from other sites. Amazon says it will launch Explore With Alexa before the holidays. And over time, the topics will expand beyond nature and animals.

Along with this new technology, Alexa has the Echo Pop Kids, which is a smart speaker. Available in Marvel and Disney Princess variants. The Marvel model specializes in hero talk, while the Disney princess model specializes in Mulan, Cinderella, and more.

Photo by Amazon

New tablets for children are also coming out. Fire Kids is designed for younger children, while Fire Kids Pro is sold for older children. These are 10-inch tablets that are 25 percent faster than the previous generation, with 1080p FHD screens, 3GB of RAM, and access to specialized apps for kids.

Both tablets have access to the company’s Play Together feature, which gives kids access to online multiplayer, and an app called Music Maker. In it, you can feel like a composer, composing sound effects and music with the help of AI.

As a reminder, dKids who play video games have better memories than their peers who don’t have this habit. About this according to a new American study on the cognitive development of the adolescent brain.