Meta is preparing to announce a generative AI chatbot internally called “Gen AI Personas” aimed at younger users. According to The Wall Street Journal, the bot is planned to be launched during the company’s Meta Connect event, which will be held on September 27.

Bots will be presented in several “guises” focused on attracting young users. Similar but more general Meta chatbot target personas have already been tested on Instagram.

According to media reports, Meta has tested the character of a “sassy robot” inspired by Bender with “Futurama” and “Alvin the Alien”.

Meta has plans to create “dozens” of such bots, and is even working on a bot that will help celebrities create their own chatbots for their fans.

Recently, Meta has been developing a more powerful AI model that can compete with OpenAI’s latest work with GPT-4 and the model that underpins ChatGPT and Bing. During Meta Connect, the company will also show more about its metaverse project and the new Quest 3 headset.

Recall that Google has released a more powerful version of the Bard chatbot with AI. It can now connect to your Google apps, double-check responses, and more.