The Snapchat+ premium version of Snapchat already has over 5 million paid subscribers. With premium subscriptions, users have early access to some features and a number of other benefits.

Snapchat+ was launched in June 2022, and in April 2023, the number of registrations in it increased to millions. However, this is still only a fraction of the 750 million people who use Snapchat every month. As Bloomberg notes, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said his “medium-term goal” is to reach 10 million paid users.

Snapchat has used generative AI tools and other exclusive features to entice users to sign up for the service for $4 per month. When the company first introduced its MyAI chatbot and more recently its AI selfie feature, the tools were initially only available to paid subscribers.

Other perks, such as the ability to check how many times friends view your story and exclusive Bitmoji settings, are designed to keep power users interested.

Recall that X Premium subscribers now have the ability to hide the “Like” tab from other users. Company X actively provides benefits to its premium subscribers.