One of the largest providers of stock images, editorial photos, videos, and music, Getty Images, has announced the launch of a generative AI art tool that claims to be “more commercially safe” than other competing solutions on the market.

A tool called Generative AI by Getty Images is based on Nvidia’s AI model. It’s trained on a portion of Getty’s massive library (that’s roughly 477 million assets). Similar to popular text-to-image platforms like OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 and Midjourney, the Getty tool recreates images from text descriptions of images or prompts — such as “a photo of a sandy tropical island filled with palm trees.”

According to Getty, customers who create and upload visuals using this tool will receive a standard free Getty license, which includes indemnification — i.e., protection against copyright claims — and the right to “perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive” use on all media.

But because the Getty library includes images of public figures, the company says safeguards have been put in place to prevent the tool from being used for disinformation. For example, the tool will not allow a client to create a photo of Joe Biden in front of the White House. All images generated by the tool include a watermark stating that they are AI-generated.

“We’ve worked hard to develop a responsible tool that gives customers confidence in visuals generated by generative AI for commercial purposes,” Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, said in a press release.

Getty members whose work is used to train the core model will be compensated. Getty will also share the revenue generated from the tool, as said, allocating both a proportional share for each file and a share based on traditional licensing revenue.

“Each year, we will share the proceeds generated from this tool with participants whose content was used to train the AI generator,” a Getty spokesperson said. “A formula will be established based on a number of different factors and, accordingly, each participant will receive different payments in connection with the instrument.”

The tool can be enabled on the Getty site or integrated into apps and sites via API.

The price for it will be separate from the standard subscription to Getty Images and will depend on the operational volume.

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