Google will discontinue Gmail’s HTML view in January 2024. Anyone who has used it so far will switch to a much more modern “standard” look of the service.

While the vast majority of people have no doubt using the standard view mode on their PCs, the HTML version of Gmail has its advantages. The lite version of Gmail loads quickly and users can access it even on very outdated machines or with a much slower connection.

The removal of Gmail’s core HTML view is the latest in a long line of products, features, services, and more that will go to Google’s graveyard. The company also recently buried its Pixel Pass, Google Currents, and Nest Secure phone update program.

A Google spokesperson noted, “Gmail’s core HTML views… have been replaced by their modern successors 10+ years ago and do not include full functionality.”

Indeed, the HTML version doesn’t offer much of the functionality of modern Gmail. It has no chat, no spell checking, no ability to add or import contacts, and no support for text in format. There are also no special keyboard shortcuts and you can’t use email aliases.