ChatGPT has updates that will allow it to work with voice commands and image-based queries. Users will be able to conduct a voice conversation using ChatGPT on Android and iOS and upload images to it on all platforms.

You’ll need to enable voice conversations in the ChatGPT app (go to “Settings” and then “New Features”). By tapping the microphone button, you can choose from five different voices.

Live voice conversations are created using a new text-to-speech model that can generate “human audio from text alone and a few seconds of speech sample.” It was created by five voices with the help of professional actors. On the other hand, Whisper’s speech recognition system converts the words spoken by the user into text.

You can also now show the chatbot a photo of your grill and ask why it won’t start, ask the bot to help cook food based on a picture of what’s in your fridge, or invite it to solve a math problem you photographed.

ChatGPT is still better at understanding English text in images.

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