According to a new analysis of Bluesky’s web traffic and mobile app usage, potential competitor X hit a daily record of active users right after Musk announced that he would start charging all X users a small monthly fee to use its services.

Musk explained on September 18 that in order to combat “large armies of bots” on the platform, it would be necessary to pay for a subscription to X. Meanwhile, X users didn’t seem to like the news as it led to a meteoric rise in Bluesky’s metrics.

Bluesky had a total of 53,585 new registrations by the end of the day after the announcement – September 19. That’s about 5% of Bluesky’s entire user base, which has approximately 1.13 million accounts.

Analytics firm Similarweb now confirms that the Bluesky Android app had half a million daily active users on the day of Musk’s announcement, September 18, and its traffic grew even further – by 20.6%.

Meanwhile, the Bluesky app was visited by more than 775,000 visitors every day, up 30% from the day before. This figure exceeds the number of users Bluesky saw on July 1, 2023 — after another X controversy, when the service imposed temporary limits on the number of Tweets users could view.

Such a flow of new users even forced Bluesky to stop registering new users for a while, as the site suffered under the influx of traffic.

But interestingly, another competitor of X, Meta’s Threads, did not have a big surge in subscribers these days.

Bluesky remains an invite-only social network, if it weren’t for this restriction, perhaps the peak followers on September 19 could have been even higher.

However, Bluesky’s policy remains unchanged, and it still restricts subscribers in order to form its own narrow community inside.

Recall that the number of Bluesky users has reached 1 million. For an invite-only program, this has become an important figure.