Elon Musk has been called the biggest source of disinformation.

Earlier, the European Union called on Silicon Valley platforms to increase their vigilance in the fight against Russia’s “war of ideas”.

European Commission Vice President Vera Jourova said platforms need to do better against disinformation ahead of next year’s national and European elections.

“This is a multimillion-dollar weapon of mass manipulation aimed at both Russians and Europeans and the rest of the world,” Zhurova said.

“Very large platforms need to eliminate this risk. In particular, we should expect the Kremlin and others to be active ahead of our European elections.”

The EU has released reports on how each of the big tech companies, including Facebook’s Meta Platforms Inc., Google’s Alphabet Inc. and TikTok, ByteDance Ltd., is coping with the fight against misinformation.

Most of the major platforms have agreed to work with the EU on a voluntary code of conduct that aims to set industry standards for fact-checking and other measures.

“X, the former Twitter is the platform with the highest percentage of posts with falsehoods or misinformation,” Zhurova said.

“Since Twitter has been defined as a very large online platform, of course there are obligations under strict law,” Zhurova said. “So, my message to Twitter is that you have to abide by the strict law, and we’re watching what you’re doing.”

Zhurova also said the influx of Russian disinformation is particularly acute in Slovakia, where elections will be held on Saturday.

“Slovakia has been chosen as a country where there is fertile ground for the success of Russia’s pro-Kremlin, pro-war narratives,” she said, adding that Facebook and Google have taken some steps to strengthen their efforts to combat fake information after the pressure. from the EU. “This week’s election will be a test as Russia’s approach to the war in Ukraine is a dividing line.”

Recall that the social network X closes its Circle function. This feature only allowed users to share a post with a group of people.