After two years after the launch of Premium Lite, YouTube has decided to discontinue it from October 25, 2023. This subscription allowed you to watch videos without ads in certain countries. Its price is €6,99 per month. However, the Lite version didn’t have the other benefits of Premium, such as offline downloads, background playback, or using YouTube Music.

In 2021, YouTube Premium Lite was launched in select European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. Premium Lite subscribers will now have two options: go back to watching YouTube with ads or subscribe to the more expensive YouTube Premium, which also includes YouTube Music.

In an email notifying users of the changes, YouTube says it will offer Lite subscribers a one-month free trial of YouTube Premium, regardless of whether they have used the trial before.

It is noted that subscribers will need to cancel their Lite subscription or wait for it to be canceled in order to take advantage of the offer.

However, an email that YouTube sent out to Lite subscribers states that the platform continues to work on various versions of Premium Lite, taking into account feedback from users, creators, and partners.

Recall that YouTube CEO Neil Mohan said that the platform is testing a new AI-based tool in YouTube Studio that suggests themes for videos, making the brainstorming process easier for content creators.