The Google Podcasts app will be discontinued next year. The app has been around since 2018, but it’s never come close to being as popular as rivals Overcast, Spotify, and the recently improved Apple Podcasts.

The entire service will be moved to YouTube and its companion program, YouTube Music. YouTube is already a popular destination for podcast fans. According to statistics, YouTube serves 23% of podcast listeners in the United States. On the other hand, Google Podcasts account for only 4% of listeners.

YouTube has announced that it plans to significantly increase its “podcast investment” in 2024, just after parent company Alphabet offers a dedicated Google app. It looks like YouTube Music will get the lion’s share of this investment.

The company also promises to expand the ability to listen to podcasts in more places, stating that they will be available “wherever YouTube Music listeners are already consuming their favorite content — in the background, in the car, offline, etc.”

As for current Google Podcasts users, there will be a “simple migration tool” to help with the transition to YouTube Music. You’ll also be able to manually add podcast feeds to your YouTube Music library. The company has even announced options to add current podcast subscriptions on competing platforms if you just want to start fresh.

Back in April, the YouTube Music app launched the ability to watch and listen to podcasts without requiring a paid subscription, although you’ll still have to suffer from endless ads. Podcasts on YouTube Music already have a full range of features, with offline downloads, background playback, and the ability to switch between audio and visual content.

As a reminder, YouTube has moved podcasts to a separate section. This move makes it a worthy competitor to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.