Meta said that it is already working on launching the Threads account deletion feature separately from the Instagram account and plans to launch it by December.

After launching its social network Threads in July 2023, Meta faced criticism because users couldn’t delete their Threads account without deleting their Instagram account.

A Meta spokesperson said it was technically difficult to separate the two accounts at launch. So the company eventually rolled out tools like the ability to deactivate an account or make it private.

Upon launch, Threads quickly reached the 100 million sign-up mark. However, over the past few months, the platform’s popularity has dropped. Even though the company has introduced in-demand features like channel subscriptions, a web app, and full-text search, the engagement rate isn’t what Meta was hoping for.

The current analysis showed that Threads has 23.7 million monthly active users in the United States and is currently second to social network X in terms of the number of users.

As a reminder, Threads already has a post citation function , and editing may soon be available.