Starting November 1, Disney+ will prohibit its Canadian users from sharing their accounts with people outside of family subscriptions. The company sent out an email to subscribers notifying them of the changes. With this move, the company follows Netflix, which officially began the fight against password sharing back in May.

In the updated Subscription Agreement, Disney specifies that the “family” of subscribers includes only “a set of devices associated with your primary personal residence.”

Earlier, Iger stated that the company aims to start restricting account sharing in 2024.

Disney+ will introduce new commission options for users who want to add other members to their accounts. Details of the “punishment” for the exchange have not yet been announced.

It’s also unclear yet how Disney+ will try to enforce the ban on mobile devices and when it will spread to other regions.

Recall thatDisney demonstrated a prototype of a robot that may appear in a new theme park in Shanghai.