Less than a year ago, the new social network BeReal abruptly entered the media space and became popular. At that time, BeReal claimed to have 20 million active daily users.

The concept of the social network is to post photos “here and now” – simultaneously from the front and rear cameras of the smartphone. The photo must be taken at a certain time, when the application will send a notification to all its users at the same time.

However, according to a new report from Similarweb, BeReal’s popularity declined in the months since, despite the introduction of new features such as messaging, the ability to post more photos, and a “Friends of Friends” feed.

The monthly number of BeReal users in the U.S. dropped from 3.7 million in November 2022 to just over 3 million this August.

Graphics – similarweb

Additionally, Similarweb reported that the monthly active users of BeReal worldwide dropped to 16.06 million.

BeReal rejected these findings, and noted that its app has more than 25 million active users worldwide. He also noted that third-party reports are only estimates, and his own internal figures are more accurate.