For the PlayStation 5, it is now possible to use liquid cooling. A special unit can be attached to both sides of the PS5 board.

This all-in-one is called QuantumX, and it was created by EK Water Blocks, a company that sells a variety of liquid cooling equipment in high-end computers.

The company doesn’t sell the entire cooling kit. The QuantumX itself costs $450 and will require a special water cooling circuit, an ATX power supply, and optionally an external RGB controller for an additional RGB LED effect

So you’ll need your own heatsink, pump, fans, tubing, connectors, reservoir, power supply, and micro-ATX case. And to equip such a system, you will need to disassemble the entire PS5 for the institution.

And also this technology does not work with every PS5, the company’s website has a list of compatible models.

To recap, PlayStation has launched a premium option for PS5 cases with three metallic colors. Its name is “Deep Earth Collection”.