The interest in decentralized, open-source social networks can be seen in Mastodon’s financials. According to Mastodon’s annual report , the company’s donations increased by 488% to $342 thousand.

This is more than just 55.6 thousand tons. 2021 euros, although it is still a much smaller amount compared to the funds that are pouring into Twitter or Bluesky. The latter, for example, announced an initial $8 million investment round in June 2023, while Pebble (formerly T2) raised more than $1 million from investors and Spill raised $2.75 million before the round began.

But unlike investor-backed startups, Mastodon operates as a non-profit organization supported by user donations, mostly Patreon. This supporter base also grew last year to 9603, up 1614% from the 560 donors at the end of 2021.

It is significant that the biggest leaps in support for Mastodon occurred immediately after Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which ended in October.

The funds were used to cover Mastodon’s operating expenses ($133,500), personnel costs ($83,700) and other expenses ($6,7200), the report said.

During 2022, two servers managed by Mastodon itself — and — received 486 thousand views. new users. A total of 66,637 accounts were suspended last year.

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