LinkedIn is a platform owned by Microsoft Corporation. It is designed to find an employer or employee.

The company introduced a number of new AI features that span job search, marketing, and sales products.

Back in March, LinkedIn talked about writing texts with job offers using AI.

Recruiter Tool 2024 is a new AI-powered recruiting experience. He will help compile lists of candidates for recruiters.

LinkedIn Learning will help you search for learning offers that are available on the platform. In particular, educational videos, articles, etc. All this will work in the form of a chatbot.

Marketing will also get an AI boost, particularly with a new product called Accelerate. The idea is to allow people to run LinkedIn campaigns more easily.

Inside sales and B2B audience sales also get AI’s help. This is a new area of LinkedIn where salespeople who focus on B2B selling use the platform to find new customers or to connect more closely with them.

The new AI feature will be able to find these potential connections more easily and have conversations with those potential customers.

Recall that LinkedIn co-founder Reed Hoffman said that the further development of artificial intelligence will contribute to mass layoffs of employees of companies with certain skills, as well as the development of new jobs where employees will use the capabilities of AI.