No sooner had the iPhone 15 hit the market than it began to be accused of heating up quickly.

Among the factors that affect this, Apple named problems with background play of applications and unspecified bugs in iOS 17.

Therefore, the company released a software update and indicated that iOS 17.0.3 solves the said problem.

17.0.3 applies not only to iOS, but also to iPadOS. The updates also include a kernel vulnerability fix for an attacker with local access to the device, which Apple says “may have been actively exploited against iOS versions prior to iOS 16.6.”

As well as a fix for a libvpx bug that could allow someone to control the device remotely. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned about it. The same issue was recently fixed in Chrome and Firefox.

Recall that Apple has increased the battery capacity of the iPhone 15 by 2.3%. The company itself did not officially recognize this, the difference was found in the regulatory documents of China