Posts on social network X with links to other sites will now only show a picture without a title. So far, this is available for viewing on iOS, and later it will be on the web version.

The main reason for changing the format is obviously the desire to make posts more compact. Yes, the number of posts in the feed on the screen may increase.

Additionally, Musk believes it could help reduce clickbait instances on the website that rely on clickbait headlines.

While Musk has publicly claimed that the main driver behind the format change is the aesthetics of the website, it’s no secret that he’s trying to encourage more people to post long-form material directly on X. He previously tweeted that journalists who want more writing freedom and higher income should “publish directly” on the platform.

As a reminder, Social Network X can become paid for everyone. Elon Musk has announced the likely collection of monthly payments in the future.