One of the most notable updates to Patreon’s features is the full implementation of chat. She connects creators with their fans in group messages. Patreon says the feature gives creators and fans dedicated spaces for group conversations outside of DMs and comments.

The introduction of chat rooms shows that Patreon is moving away from only exclusive content for users and adding new platforms for communication. This way, fans will be able to stay longer on Patreon without visiting other social networks.

Patreon is also launching a “Commerce” feature that allows creators to sell one-time digital goods and offer free subscriptions. It’s a way for creators to sell individual videos, audio, and downloadable files to anyone, even if buyers aren’t their followers.

Creators can also now allow people to join their communities for free. And among the paid content, choose the one they want to offer at each membership level.

Some of the platform’s updates have raised privacy concerns. Now the information in the profile of subscribers will contain data about their purchases or subscription level. However, this happens by default, without the consent of users.

The app’s homepage has also been updated. Posts directly from the author will now appear in it, as well as a window with chats and other updates.

Patreon is also launching a new logo and wordmark, as well as changing typography, color, and photography. The company says the changes are designed for “a digital world aimed at challenging old ways of building a brand in favor of an identity that better reflects today’s ever-evolving creative landscape.”

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