Video conferencing app Zoom adds collaborative text editing to its toolbox, a consequence of competition with Microsoft Corp. Teams, writes Bloomberg. You’ll be able to create and assign tasks in the document.

The document will also make it possible to draw conclusions from video meetings using artificial intelligence tools.

In addition, the tool will allow you to edit documents by moving blocks with content, work with tables and images.

Zoom is also working on adding interactive virtual objects to meetings for purposes such as product advertising or education. Another recent patent demonstrates a feature that scans the “nonverbal cues” of meeting participants and provides prompts, such as offering to call someone who looks like they want to talk.

In September, Zoom introduced AI features such as call summarization and message compositing. The new tools are included in the paid plans at no additional cost.

As a reminder, Android Auto updates allow you to make Zoom calls on the go. In addition, Google has developed digital keys to lock cars from the phone.