Samsung has introduced the SmartTag2 smart tracker It can last up to 700 days on battery power in power-saving mode and has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. Also, it can now be found even underground.

Samsung’s smart tracker is a device that can be attached to pets or objects to prevent loss and know where they are.

The SmartTag2 is also smaller than the previous model, so it can fit into miniature spaces in your bag. Samsung’s battery isn’t disposable, like many other Tiles, as the SmartTag2 is powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery.

The keychain is also protected from moisture, dust, or ice and has a metal ring inside for better durability.

Samsung has also updated its SmartThings Find app, which now features a full-screen map view and a new interface. The new SmartTag2 model will be available worldwide from October 10. The price for it has not yet been announced, but the previous model cost $39.

Recall that Samsung showed the new products of the Fan Edition line. The company offers flagship capabilities at lower prices.