Twitch streamers can block banned users from watching their streams.

Twitch first announced the feature in August. While tools to block users have been around for a long time, there’s actually little streamers can do to prevent banned users from watching their streams.

Channel owners can now enable the “Prevent banned users from watching the stream” feature in the moderation settings in the creator dashboard.

Twitch introduced this feature in response to community feedback. During the August episode of Patch Notes, a series of monthly updates, Twitch senior product manager Trevor Fisher said that banning unwanted viewers is the first step in addressing the platform’s harassment issues.

This feature is also built into Twitch’s blocking tools — if a streamer blocks a user, they will be automatically banned from streaming. However, this only applies to users who are logged into their Twitch account, and the site does not currently enable IP blocking. This means that if someone is blocked from watching a stream, they will still be able to watch it if they log out of their account.

Twitch is rolling out more powerful moderation tools to create a “layered” approach to safety. Last year, the platform added “Ban Evasion Detection” to catch users trying to circumvent the channel’s ban. The platform has also launched the exchange of banned user lists so that channels can exchange banned user lists with each other.