Last month, mobile app Chatgpt earned $4.6 million in gross revenue through its iOS and Android apps worldwide. Another record concerns the number of downloads – 15.6 million.

However, according to new data from market intelligence firm Appfigures, revenue growth has now begun to slow down. While over the past few months, revenue growth of 30% – 31% in July and 39% in August – September has increased by 20%.

This could be an indicator that not all Chatgpt+ users are willing to pay $19.99 for the subscription service.

However, Chatgpt is not the largest AI app by revenue. A competitor called ASK AI is doing more with high ad spending, growing from $6.48 million in May to a peak of $6.55 million in August. It dropped slightly in September, to $5.51 million, but it’s still more than Chatgpt.

Of course, your app’s net revenue can vary significantly from these amounts. After all, the costs of AI are quite high. It is known that Chatgpt’s net income in September was $3.2 million after Apple and Google cut in-app purchase revenue.

In addition, the number of Chatgpt downloads in September was 15.6 million. In total, the number of downloads of the app is 52.2 million. The U.S. is the largest market for the Chatbot app, accounting for 60% of Chatgpt’s revenue.

Recall that the OpenAI corporation and artificial intelligence research laboratory is studying the possibility of creating its own AI chips. After all, there is already a shortage of microcircuits on the market.