LinkedIn announced in early October that it would be rolling out a number of new AI-powered tools across its platform. Now the company has announced that it is laying off 668 employees.

TechCrunch sources report that most of those fired from research and development departments, including engineers, product managers, financiers, etc.

Five months ago, the company already announced that it was cutting 716 jobs, as well as phasing out work in China.

Together with the current layoffs, the number of layoffs has reached 1384 people. According to tracker, more than 242,000 people were laid off in the tech sector in 2023.

“As we adapt our organizational structures and streamline our decision-making process, we continue to invest in the strategic priorities of our future and ensure that we continue to deliver value to our members and customers,” LinkedIn said in a statement today.

“We are committed to providing full support to all affected employees during this transition and ensuring that they are treated with attention and respect.”

He didn’t specify what the strategic priorities are, but the refocus on hiring more AI talent is likely part of that.

“We continue to use AI to help our members and customers access opportunities and benefit from the expertise of the platform’s experts. Our AI-powered collaborative articles are now the driving force behind LinkedIn’s fastest-growing traffic,” the company also wrote about the adoption of AI.