For 8 years, the School++ programming school has been operating in Ukraine, where they teach for free. Here, everyone has a chance to become a developer from scratch in 7-8 months — under the mentorship of IT practitioners.

School++ is a volunteer, self-organized project. Its mission is to spread the availability of quality education for those who want to develop in IT and change their lives. Studying at the school takes place without any financial obligations.

You can go all the way from beginner to junior in School++ in less than a year:

  • three months in the basic course “Computer Science” (adapted Stanford course)
  • and about 4 months on a specialized course, which the student chooses independently.

For adults from the age of 17, education takes place online in a one-on-one format with a teacher. This involves active communication between students: they check each other’s homework every week. This methodology, in addition to technical knowledge, improves soft skills in the ability to competently express thoughts, persuade, negotiate and listen to others.

New groups on the “Computer Science” course start every month. The next start is on October 29. To get into the course, you need to register on the school’s portal and pass a simple entrance exam. This requires basic programming knowledge (conditions, loops, functions, arrays, and strings).

For those who are starting from scratch, the school offers to take the Zero course. It is not mandatory and has no deadlines, but it can be used to prepare for the entrance exam for the main course “Computer Science”.