SpaceX plans to launch as many satellites as possible over the next two and a half months, aiming to make 100 flights by the end of the year. This was recently announced by the company’s executive director Bill Gerstenmeier. He also said that the company has an even more ambitious goal for 2024: to launch about 12 flights per month, for a total of 144 missions throughout the year.

SpaceX is increasing the number of its missions in order to officially deploy a satellite mobile phone service.

“With our 2 million users, (we) need to update this constellation,” the company says.

The company first announced a service that would allow regular smartphones to connect to its satellites back in 2022. Together with the American mobile operator T-Mobile, they promised to make the feature available to all subscribers.

T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert likened the technology to setting up a cell phone station in the sky. He also suggested that one day the technology will eliminate the “dead” zones for communication on the planet and allow you to call your relatives even in the middle of the ocean.