Google Meet has released a portrait retouching mode to compete with competitors Zoom and Microsoft Teams. A new feature allows you to apply facial beauty effects during video calls. Including even out the complexion, under-eye lightening, and eye whitening.

Google now offers two portrait modes — “Subtle,” which involves a slight cosmetic correction, and “Smoothing,” which allows for a “little more” noticeable difference in your appearance. These features are disabled by default and can be enabled in Settings.

“Whether you’re fresh from the gym or recovering from a cold, you have a feature with effects to help you feel your best,” Google wrote.

The company added that this feature is highly sought after, which is not surprising given that other video conferencing apps are popular for their beauty effects, such as virtual makeup and features that blur the user’s skin.

Microsoft Teams, for example, recently partnered with Maybelline to provide users with the ability to customize their appearance with digital makeup colors.

One significant drawback is that the new portrait retouching mode is not available for users with personal Google accounts. To access this feature, you must have a premium account, such as Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Education Plus, Google One, and Google Workspace Individual.

This feature is currently only available on mobile devices, but will launch on the web at the end of 2023.

As a reminder, Google provides the ability to broadcast its video via webcam in 1080p quality during group calls.