Previous studies have shown that the Moon formed shortly after Earth, that is, about 4.4 billion years ago. However, the new study points to a different age of the satellite, probably 40 million years longer than previously thought.

A team of American geologists has examined elements brought from the Moon, which indicate that it is older and almost the same age as the Earth. If our planet is 4.54 billion years old, then the moon is 4.46 billion years old.

The elements found are zirconium crystals. They are the oldest known solids that formed after the Earth collided with a giant object. After which the Moon was formed. Scientists know how old the crystals are, and this age indicates the likely true age of the satellite.

Such a hypothesis about the age of the moon can become a reference point for research about the Earth, geologists say.

Recall that astronomers witnessed how two planets the size of Neptune collided with each other, forming a cloud of gas and dust that resembles a donut.